Warehouse OutsourcingBad weather affects logistics in different ways: Snow causes closure of airports, seaports, roads; Flooding impacts mainly roads; Wind impacts high trucks, airports, seaports and often rail freight when trees fall on the track.

Bad weather impacts also logistics indirectly; snow may impede workers to reach warehouses with a consequent impact on operational productivity.

The most surprising thing to me is how often bad weather in winter seems to catch us off guard and unprepared to face the inevitable.

I thought to put together a few simple tips to remind us of the basic actions of our contingency planning when bad weather strikes:


Proactive notification is the ability to provide prompt information regarding any issues related to the supply chain. When bad weather strikes and it’s necessary to inform proactively all the relevant parties.

These notifications are “gold dust”. Companies can then inform clients, suppliers, third-party logistics and any other link of the supply chain of the imminent concern to initiate the appropriate actions to mitigate the impact. Customers prefer being told earlier about any delay to their deliveries and of any action taken to either rectify the issue or mitigate the outcome.  They are often more forgiving when they are proactively informed!


If a storm can be forecasted, companies can redirect the inventory that would normally go to the affected facility to another. While this can increase transportation costs as longer routes may be required, it keeps the inventory moving so that customers won’t lose the product.

For instance, if goods were scheduled to be delivered to a facility in Birmingham, by rerouting the delivery to a safe distribution center, it will ensure that the product does not go to waste. Free portals like LogistCompare can easily help you to locate warehouses close to your customer locations and give you the feasibility to contact providers directly, receive quotations and manage your bookings online.


Consider taking advantage of a broad selection of services in modes outside the one you’re accustomed to shipping in to secure more capacity. For example, if you normally are shipping bulk over the road, you may want to explore inter-modal options. This solution may incur additional costs, but it can make the difference between getting happy clients with subsequent orders and unsatisfied customers which may not reorder again. It’s a fine line but worth to consider.

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