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Directors & Officers Insurance Policies

Businesses are constantly experiencing change. As change occurs, so do the involved risks. While many risks remain the same, there is often new risks that present themselves. At Bates Hewett and Floyd, we are here to customize an insurance plan to ensure your business...

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Emerging Risk: Digitalization

Business is evolving at the speed of technology. As more businesses embrace the benefits that go along with digitalization, it is imperative that you also explore the risks that go along with increasing digitalization in your business and create effective risk...

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Emerging Risks: Cyber Crime

In the United States alone, there were more than 668 million intrusions and data breaches. We are seeing a 15% annual increase in the number of attacks since 2013. Companies that collect and store sensitive information are constant targets for cyber attacks. Even...

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High Net Worth Insurance Trends

by: Deland, Gibson Insurance Belonging to a high net worth (HNW) family comes with its share of challenges. Having accumulated financial wealth, expensive goods and pristine properties, HNW people are often exposed to complex property and liability risks that average...

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Zombie Insurance

Nearly everyone knows it is a good idea to stay on top of their homeowner’s, health, and life insurance policies. They also know, depending on their region, that they should have up to date flood or zombie insurance. You read that right, zombie insurance. Zombie...

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Does Home Insurance Cover Sewage Backup?

by: Dustin Lano, WA Group One of the common things that can happen to a home is that the sewer pipe which runs under the house, can back up. There are lots of different reasons for that happening. One of those is because the pipe can get clogged from different things...

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Winter Preparations for Boats

by: Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance   Storing Your Boat For most, in the South, “winters” allow for year-round boating. However, if you’re one of those who can’t stand the thought of enduring the temperatures below the brisk 60 degrees, you may consider storing...

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The Importance Of Umbrella Insurance

Because we live in an unpredictable world where unforeseen disasters can happen at any time, you should seriously consider the importance of umbrella insurance in protecting your personal assets. Your home and auto liability coverage offer some measure of protection...

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