Wednesday, November 22, 2017
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Assignment of Benefits: The Storm After The Storm

Assignment of Benefits (AOB) is being widely used in conjunction with Insurance Fraud, specifically in storm-prone areas. According to Anchor Insurance, "An assignment of benefits is an agreement that transfers all insurance...

Dealing with Active Shooter Incidents

2017 has seen a multitude of public acts of violence involving active shooters. Las Vegas was an act of terror that the United States has never seen. With these high-profile rampages,...

Key Trends in the Health and Benefits Industry

Continuing the series "10 Questions you should be asking your broker" via SIA Group, we look at key trends in the health and benefits industry.  Top 3 Trends in the Benefits Industry While...

How to Protect Yourself with Cyber Liability Insurance

Equifax, one of three major credit reporting agencies, recently made public that sensitive personal and financial information had been compromised for close to 143 million consumers in the U.S. Considering that...

How to Purchase Insurance

Insurance - it's something we all need and something we hope we never have to use. When purchasing insurance, there are so many questions and factors to consider. "Do I even need it?" "How...
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Creating a Best-in-Class Benefits Strategy

10 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Insurance Broker. So, you’re thinking about your company’s health and benefits strategy — you need a plan that meets your employees’ needs, curbs your costs...

What To Do After Hurricane Irma

While most of the Southeast is not in the clear yet with regard to Hurricane Irma, it is time to start the restoration process. Luckily, this record-breaking storm, while catastrophic, could...

5 Last-Minute Hurricane Preparation Tips

Hurricane Season is a time when risk management solutions pay for themselves in both money and peace of mind. Hurricane Harvey was a sobering reminder of the devastation these storms can...

Top Insurance Mistakes & Loopholes

InsuranceNear contributing agency SIA Group provides some agent wisdom around the Top 10 Insurance Mistakes & Loopholes. These include: Procrastination of Care Misguided Physicians Claims Taken Supported Pay Not Working Perks ...

Reputational Risk Management: Are You Prepared?

“One person has devastated 85 employees and their families.” Recently, an employee at a Winston-Salem, NC plumbing company lost his job after a video showing him kicking a dog inside a house...


What To Do After Hurricane Irma

While most of the Southeast is not in the clear yet with regard to Hurricane Irma, it is time to start the restoration process....

How Pet Insurance Works