Saturday, September 22, 2018
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5 Last-Minute Hurricane Preparation Tips

Hurricane Season is a time when risk management solutions pay for themselves in both money and peace of mind. Hurricane Harvey was a sobering reminder of the devastation these storms can...

All You Need To Know About Special Event Insurance

When it comes to insurance for a special event, there are many things you need to be aware of. People looking for event liability insurance information often have many questions. This guide...
Risk Transfer Agreementvideo

What is a Risk Transfer Agreement?

Risk Transfer Agreements: a critical tool for your business and your home. Today, Dean D'Camera of The D'Camera Group in Annapolis, MD outlines not only what a risk transfer agreement is, but...

If Disaster Strikes, Are You Prepared!

No organization is immune to disaster. Whether it’s a natural phenomenon like an earthquake, hurricane, flood or fire; or an unseen event like a shooting at the workplace, organizations need to...
Storm Claim

How to Handle a Storm Claim

Your sitting at your desk, busy at work, when you hear a deafening crack of thunder quickly followed by a loud ominous snap as you discover that a large tree has...

Creating an Injury Prevention Program That Works

Business owners and managers realize the cost of lost workday injuries is substantial. For every dollar you spend on the direct costs of a worker’s injury or illness, you will spend...


What To Do After Hurricane Irma

While most of the Southeast is not in the clear yet with regard to Hurricane Irma, it is time to start the restoration process....