Saturday, September 22, 2018
Life Insurance

Life Insurance

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Why We Need Life Insurance

10 Reasons Why We Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of those things you’re expected to have. But why do we need life insurance? Is it really worth the cost? Don’t blindly accept that you need to buy a...

5 Tips For Building a Long-Term Relationship With Your Insurance Agent

In business, as with everything in life, the best relationships are the ones that last the longest. There are few benefits for business owners who only look at their insurance situation...
Smokers Life Insurance

Smokers Life Insurance Strategies

Are you waiting until you quit smoking to buy life insurance? You know that smoking causes health risks, so even if you have to pay more, you should be sure to...
Disasters raise Insurance

Disasters raise Insurance Claim Questions: Are you Covered?

Disasters Raise Insurance Claims So far this summer, we’ve had disasters all over the US that have caused billions in damage. From hail in Texas to drought in Illinois, floods in Florida...
the Risk Management Process

Holiday Weekends, Long Drives and the Risk Management Process

This weekend most of you will be at home, catching up with family, sharing a meal and giving thanks. The only risk involved in this process is the high chance of...

All Term Life Insurance is Not Created Equally

Term life insurance is intended to provide insurance for a specified period of years.  The premiums are less expensive than permanent insurance.  In addition, there is no cash accumulation in a...
Term vs. Whole Life Insurance

Term vs. Whole Life Insurance – And the Winner Is

Term vs. Whole Life Insurance When buying life insurance, it’s important to compare term vs. whole life insurance. There are pros and cons for each type, and you should understand how these...

How Do you Answer Questions about Insurance?

Questions About Insurance Insurance agents are asked questions about insurance all the time. It’s a big part of the job, but it also becomes a part of day-to-day life. Even at social...

3 Characteristics to Look for in a New Insurance Agent

Looking for a new insurance agent can be a difficult process. Insurance is complex enough, without having to figure out which agent is going to be best at cutting through the...

3 Reasons People Don’t Answer Life Insurance Questions Truthfully

It’s a familiar feeling. We’ve all felt it the moment we reach a certain question on a questionnaire. It’s not that you feel deceitful; you just get a certain hesitance when...


What To Do After Hurricane Irma

While most of the Southeast is not in the clear yet with regard to Hurricane Irma, it is time to start the restoration process....