Rental Coverage or Sub-Transportation Coverage is the most overlooked coverage by auto insurance buyers. Many auto insurance buyers do not realize the importance of this coverage until you have a claim. They think it’s just a way for insurance to jack up the price. They assume they won’t have to make a claim, or that they’ll get by if they do make a claim.

Rental Car Vs. Walking

Can you ever be sure of that? Think about how often you use your car every day. Rental Coverage will provide a rental car to you while your vehicle is being repaired. If you choose not to have this coverage you will have to pay out of your own pocket for a rental car, or choose to walk.

Whenever you buy insurance, it makes sense to keep costs down. Nobody wants to pay too much for any service. Rental coverage shouldn’t be considered an added expense though, because you will need it if you make a claim. The math suggests it’s a good idea too.

 Rental Coverage Vs. Rental Cost

There are different levels of rental coverage available to purchase. The most common are $15 per day for a maximum of $450 per month or $30 per day with a maximum of $900 per month. Higher options are also available. Rental Coverage/ Sub-transportation coverage can also be used for bus fares or cab fares if a rental car is inconvenient for you.

The cost of renting a vehicle per day can reach $50 or more when the additional cost of Rental Coverage is roughly $50 per year. With rental coverage so inexpensive why risk not having a rental car during a claim?

Rental coverage will help streamline the process and make your life much easier! Do you need it? Yes, you do!

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