When looking to find an insurance agent, there are a lot of pitfalls to avoid. There are companies out there who make these mistakes every year; some of them don’t even realize there is a problem. What all businesses should strive for is to find an insurance agent who is the right fit for their business.

In order to find an insurance agent that meets your needs, you first need to know what to avoid. So let’s look at the common mistakes most companies make when choosing an insurance agent.

Just Going With the Same Guy as Last year

The first mistake you make when trying to find an insurance agent, or any other kind of agent is just calling in the same one you used last time. Research is important, no matter how happy you are with your provider; it’s worth seeing what’s out there.

It’s important that you keep the idea that finding an insurance agent is part of the agenda every year, even if it ends up being the same guy from last year.


Knocking 20% Off

A lot of insurance agents out there will tell you they can knock 20% off your premiums. The goal in this process may be to find an insurance agent who can save you money, but that money doesn’t necessarily need to take the form of a premium reduction.

A good insurance agent will be able to assess your risks as a whole and might identify areas to find value outside of insurance premiums.


Looking at What Changes Can be made to Your Existing Policies


Focusing on your existing policies could also be a huge mistake. When you find an insurance agent you want to deal with, you should discuss your company’s risks and try to find the best solutions. This process starts pretty much from scratch.

Risks in business are constantly changing; company growth, technical advancement and other changes within your business will mean a change to your risks. When you do find an insurance agent, make sure they understand your risks and aren’t just looking at the same risks you looked at last year.

When you set out to find an insurance agent, always focus on protecting your company from risks. Make sure you keep this basic need in mind before you talk to the same guy from last year about how he can knock 20% off the same policies as last year.


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