INM-Agency-Vast-InsuranceWith spring finally here, it’s a great time for home and car owners to review their insurance policies to be sure that they are covered against the types of damage that come with the change in weather.

During the spring, floods and the resulting water damage can be caused by the combination of snowmelt and heavy rains that come with this time of year. If you’re not prepared, water damage can do permanent structural damage to your home. According to online notes, 30,000 – 40,000 incidents happen each year involving water damage in basements significant enough to warrant an insurance claim, with a total cost of approximately $140 Million dollars.

Basement flooding is a serious concern, for a number of reasons. If your basement floods, it can result in long-term damage to the dwelling, and even reduce your property value. Don’t forget, what you have stored in your basement can also get easily damaged. People can also suffer from respiratory problems resulting from damp and moldy homes. Also, repeated insurance claims for basement flooding can increase your premiums and minimum deductibles.

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