The holidays are a perfect time to shop around for a home for the New Year. You have the opportunity to see the homes you are looking at in their full splendor, in many cases, as homeowners have their homes decorated and lit up for their holiday celebrations.

Why Buy Homes During the Holidays?

There are several reasons that make holiday home buying an attractive proposition. Some of them can save you a great deal of money if you’re looking for a better bargain on your home. Some of the reasons now is a good time to buy might even surprise you.

  1. Sellers are feeling the pinch of the holiday season and might accept lower offers than they otherwise would. Holiday spending and the weight of a mortgage can be powerful motivators for sellers that give you more negotiating power.
  2. Possible tax advantages. Closing on a new home in December rather than January may net you tax advantages that will serve you well when April comes around.
  3. Fewer people are shopping for homes during the holidays. This adds another incentive for sellers to negotiate on the price of the home. It is yet another factor that leans in favor of buyers during the holiday season.
  4. People are happier during the holidays and looking for opportunities to spread holiday joy. This includes mortgage lenders and could potentially reflect favorably upon your interest rates or even mortgage approval.
  5. Fewer scheduling conflicts with the people who make buying a home possible. Because there are generally fewer homes sold during the holiday season, appraisers, inspectors, professional movers, and even mortgage brokers have fewer scheduling conflicts to contend with, helping your home buying process move along faster.
  6. Get realistic ideas about storage in the home, space in the home, and how you’ll manage holiday decorations in the home if you decide to purchase it. You can also get ideas for ways you can make your home more guest friendly during the holiday season and if it will work for your family entertaining needs by seeing other homes outfitted in their holiday finery.

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