Do NOT Make Assumptions When It Comes to Health Insurance

Last year, residents of Putnam County and St Johns County were sent a letter from their health care provider telling them that their insurance would passively renew.  Their new rate for 2018 was quite a bit higher than what they are paying the previous year.  That doesn’t sound great, does it?

When clients come to BHF, we are able to help them manage the renewal process instead of just allowing their policy to passively renew with a huge increase. When we resubmit their Marketplace application, it drops their rate “below” what they are paying this year.

If you have an individual Florida Blue health insurance policy, please contact us before December 15th!  This applies to all individuals up to 65 years old.

Example from last year

We had a mother of two come in and she was paying $15.92 a month through the Marketplace.  Her renewal letter told her that her passive renewal new premium will be $277.31.  She came to Bates Hewett & Floyd and we resubmitted for her. Her new premium is $0, yes ZERO.

Don’t go it alone

For over 30 years, Bates Hewett & Floyd has been helping individuals and businesses in Palatka and across Northeast Florida. Don’t assume the carrier’s renewal is your only option. Contact us or stop in to discuss your upcoming renewal. Based on the example above, you’ll probably be glad you did.

The time is approaching – Nov 1!

Palatka Open Enrollment | Health Insurance Agency

Open Enrollment for Health Insurance begins Nov 1. Contact us or stop by. 386.328.1100 / / or message us here!

Posted by Bates Hewett & Floyd Insurance on Thursday, October 25, 2018

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Do NOT Make Assumptions When It Comes to Health Insurance
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