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Does Home Insurance Cover Sewage Backup?

by: Dustin Lano, WA Group One of the common things that can happen to a home is that the sewer pipe which runs under the house, can back up. There are lots of different reasons for that happening. One of those is because the pipe can get clogged from different things...

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How to Obtain the Best Home Insurance Rates

by: Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance Whether you’re new to the Jacksonville area or have owned property there for some time, you’ll appreciate getting home insurance at a reasonable cost. Home insurance is a must to protect your valuable investment. There are ways,...

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How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost?

There are a lot of factors that go into the pricing of your homeowners #insurance. Let's have a look at the common ones today on #WhiteboardWednesday.

Posted by Pablo Beach Insurance Group on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What Affects the Pricing of Home Insurance?

No matter where you are located, home insurance quotes are going to vary based on your situation, location, carrier, agency, and many other factors. Shaun Murphy or Pablo Beach Insurance gives you 5 factors that can determine the pricing of home insurance. Factors...

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Insurance Tips for My First House

There are numerous important and time-pressing decisions to be made when buying a home in Jacksonville. Especially for first-time homebuyers, it can be both exciting and stressful. For many, though, this is the first time they have ever had to compare mortgage rates,...

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Claims after Hurricane Michael

The topic today is something we’ve talked about before. After catastrophic events like Hurricane Michael, it is imperative that you understand the claims process, and ensure that you do not fall victim to fraud. Do not sign an A.O.B. What is it? An A.O.B. is...

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Auto Insurance

Why Are Insurance Prices Going Up?

Today, Dean D’Camera of The D’Camera Group in Annapolis, MD discusses the future of insurance pricing. With a focus on auto insurance, it appears that insurance pricing is going to go up next year. If you are an individual driver or a commerical business, you can...

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Purchasing Your First Insurance Policy

Insurance. Something you need, something you have to purchase, and something you hope you never have to use. With all that excitement already built into the process, many people approach purchasing their first insurance policy with the hopes to take the path of least...

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Special Elections in Your Insurance Policy

Elections matter. And despite the current state of affairs in the political circus, we aren't talking politics here. We are referring to your insurance, and the choices you make in your personal insurance policy selections matter greatly.  They can have an impact that...

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Other Personal Insurance

High Net Worth Insurance Trends

by: Deland, Gibson Insurance Belonging to a high net worth (HNW) family comes with its share of challenges. Having accumulated financial wealth, expensive goods and pristine properties, HNW people are often exposed to complex property and liability risks that average...

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Zombie Insurance

Nearly everyone knows it is a good idea to stay on top of their homeowner’s, health, and life insurance policies. They also know, depending on their region, that they should have up to date flood or zombie insurance. You read that right, zombie insurance. Zombie...

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