Your pets are members of your family. You treat them, in some cases, better than you do yourself. Many insurance companies are realizing this connection and offering pet owners dog insurance, or cat insurance, depending on the type of pet they have. Much like humans, pets can experience health issues that can be extremely costly. Pet insurance helps to offset those costs so you can get them the treatment they need.

Should I Buy Pet Insurance?

The decision to buy pet insurance is one that must be carefully made. While it’s understandable to do everything you can to keep your pet healthy, it will depend on your personal situation as to whether or not it’s beneficial. If you have the financial means to cover the additional cost of a pet insurance policy, it will make the decision much easier.

What Should I Consider?

There are several things you must take into consideration before purchasing a dog or cat insurance policy.

  • The age of your pet is one of the most important factors to be considered.
  • Next, look at your pet’s breed.
  • Are they prone to health problems?
  • Do they require additional medical attention on a regular basis?

If you have a pet of a specific breed that is prone to health problems, dog insurance is a good idea if you can budget for the cost.

Pet Insurance Cost

There are several types of pet insurance. Basic policies for cats can run as little as $20 a month, while a dog insurance policy normally averages between $30 and $40 a month. A complete wellness policy that covers all aspects of your pet’s care can run $70 to $80 a month. There are also multiple pet discounts for owners who have more than one pet that they want to protect. Most plans are based on a “ceiling” amount that limits the amount of coverage per year. There are a few plans out there that have no ceiling and offer unlimited coverage.

What Does the Policy Cover?

Accident plans cover injuries sustained in an accident. Accident and injury plans will cover both accidents and injuries. A comprehensive wellness plan combines both accident and illness but also covers various types of wellness care such as annual exams, vaccinations, flea and tick treatment, and other services performed by your vet.

The choice to purchase pet insurance is ultimately your own. Most people who can afford the additional monthly expenditure will often consider including it in their budget as a precaution against financial loss, as well as the loss of their pet. Before you make the decision that you can’t afford it, talk to an insurance agent and find out what the real cost is. Every circumstance is different and you may be surprised at how affordable it really is.

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