Insurance. Something you need, something you have to purchase, and something you hope you never have to use. With all that excitement already built into the process, many people approach purchasing their first insurance policy with the hopes to take the path of least resistance. Most will go with the first local agent they find, or even worse, go online and purchase a policy on the first quote they receive. While it is a little more time consuming, you need to speak with a trusted insurance agent near you as much consideration needs to be given when buying your first insurance policy — and this applies regardless of the policy you are in need of whether it be auto, renters, home insurance, etc. Let’s take a quick look at a few tips for buying first insurance coverage.

Tips for Knowing How to Purchase Insurance

Know the Factors that Affect Your Rates

Did you know there are multiple factors that can negatively affect your insurance rates? Take for example that being young and purchasing car insurance will probably cost you a pretty penny because statistics show that a person who is under the age of 25 is more likely to have an accident. Also, think about the fact that a person with little, no, or bad credit is more likely to file a claim on either car or homeowner’s insurance. Because of this, your rates are going to be higher all because of your credit.

Being aware of the factors that affect your insurance rates is key to securing the best possible rate when purchasing your first insurance policy. By being aware of these factors, you can take proper measure to counteract them in your favor. For example, if having bad, little, or no credit increases your insurance rate, then doing everything you can to avoid these factors will be in your best interest. With this in mind, if your credit isn’t in the best shape, you should consider opening a prepaid credit card account to raise your score.

Assess the Amount of Insurance You Need

Another tip you need to follow when purchasing your first insurance policy is to assess how much insurance you actually need. If you are shopping for car insurance and the vehicle you want to have coverage on did not cost very much money (say under $5,000), then you probably don’t need a full coverage policy. Instead, insurance providing liability or liability/comprehensive coverage will likely be sufficient (and cost you a lot less money). As you assess the amount of insurance you need, make sure you take into account any state laws as some of them will require you to purchase a minimum amount of coverage in order to be legal on the road.

When it comes to life insurance, an insurance specialist can help you assess how much coverage you need. If you don’t have any dependents, then there is a good chance you don’t need a policy at all. However, if you are young and plan on having children sometime down the road, then purchasing a policy as soon as possible will help you lock in the lowest rate.

Understand the Benefit of a No Claims Insurance Record

Let’s say you don’t own a home right now but you do rent. Sure, you may not think you need insurance, but did you know having a no claims insurance record can save you as much as 25 percent on your homeowner’s insurance when you buy a home and need this type of coverage? This is why it is so important to think ahead and plan accordingly for your future insurance needs.

To learn more about buying your first insurance policy, speak with a professional insurance agent in your area today. 

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