PBIG-INM-Agency-adHurricanes are devastating storms that can cause a wide path of devastation in their wake. There is one good thing about hurricane storms. Unlike tornados that come and go without warning, a hurricane can be tracked from the very beginning giving weather forecasters a good idea where it will make landfall and how strong it will be when it finally arrives. This allows homeowners to prepare their homes and themselves for the upcoming storm. One thing that should already be in place is flood and hurricane insurance. An insurance agent can answer questions that may arise about the various types of insurance and just exactly what each one covers.

Types of Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes are exceptionally strong storms that bring winds in excess of 80 to 100 miles per hour. The high winds are accompanied by driving rain and storm surges that can be devastating to roadways and any other objects in their paths. The strong winds are also notorious for picking objects up and carrying them along, damaging homes, automobiles, businesses, landmarks, etc. After the eye of the storm passes, the rains continue causing flooding in streets and homes. Tidal waves can continue to pose a problem for hours after the hurricane has died down. A homeowner’s policy may cover the majority of this damage, but to be fully covered, a flood insurance policy should also be in place.

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