There are certain types of property used during the course of business that doesn’t fall into one simple category. Inland Marine Insurance covers a wider range of items that mainly have to do with the transportation and communication aspect of a business. While items are being transported from one destination to another, accidents can happen that are outside the scope of auto insurance or other types of policies.

What Is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland marine insurance offers a much broader range of coverage that protects companies in the transport business from financial loss. Ocean marine insurance is designed to cover items while they are in transit over the ocean. Inland marine insurance works in the same way, only it covers transport over land. Inland marine insurance is sometimes referred to as “floater’s insurance” because it covers items that are being held between destinations as well as items that are currently in transit from one location to another. It also protects items that are being “held over” due to shipping delays or pick up by a client.

What Does It Cover?

Inland marine insurance covers almost anything that has to do with the mobile transport of goods.

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